So You Want to "Tone Up"? Here's What That Really Means and How to Do It.

January 20, 2017



People who begin training with me often say that their main objective is to "tone up."

They're usually surprised when the pace of our workouts ends up being faster and more intense than they expected.

Everyone wants to work their arms and abs with moderate resistance, high reps and long rest, but that isn't the key to achieving their particular goal. 


Consider the fact that your muscles themselves do not "firm up" or "tone up." They just shrink or grow. What you think of as "toning up" is actually the process of increasing muscle tissue, while also decreasing the amount of fat surrounding your muscles.

Building muscle + losing fat = visible muscle definition.

This is essentially two goals in one, and your average exercise style WILL NOT cut it!

It's a lot simpler than you think, but it takes persistence in the gym and patience outside of it.


Let me let you in on a little secret: circuit training.

Circuit training is when you go from one exercise to another exercise that works a different muscle group. When beginning a circuit, your focus should be on working bigger muscle groups like your chest, back, core, and legs, with some kind of cardio exercise (such as jumping jacks) in between.

With this type of training, You can expect a shorter, more efficient workout, and ensure that your heart rate will remain elevated. This style of training requires a higher level of focus, but it's very effective at burning fat, building strength and endurance, and creating that toned look that you're going for. 


Let me give you a few circuit examples: 


Circuit 1:

45 seconds elbows and toes plank

20 push-ups

45 seconds of squat jumps

20 shoulder presses

1 minute rest

Repeat 4 times.



Circuit 2: 

25 squats

45 seconds of mountain climbers

10 dumbbell rows (each arm)

20 lunges (each leg)

1 minute rest

                                                                            Repeat 4 times.


Give these a try or design your own! You will finish faster and leave the gym more sweaty than you ever have before!

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