Why You Can't Lose Weight: 5 Mental/Emotional Reasons

January 27, 2017



As a trainer, I genuinely want my clients to succeed.

My primary service is accountability.

Yes, I provide the workouts, nutrition information, and supplementation advice, but even all of that is only half the solution.

Even with the expertise of a professional at their disposal, people tend to counteract their own efforts, without realizing it! 

This can be very frustrating for everyone involved.


I believe that we can all agree that there is a lot to be learned from others’ mistakes, whether physical, nutritional, mental or emotional. Here are my top 5 mental and emotional reasons why you can’t lose weight:



1. The "Victim Complex"


Many people do not hold themselves responsible for their behavior, whether past or present. Being a 'victim' to the decline of your health is a very weak and debilitating mindset. Owning up to your circumstances will enable you to accept responsibility for your current situation and allow you to begin adopting new habits that can change the course of your health and your life!



2. Lack of Personal Accountability


People will almost always show up to meet with me for a workout session, but hardly ever show up for themselves! Many don’t see the value in scheduling times to prep meals in advance or work out on their own. What you do on your own time is half the battle. It creates just as much, if not more, of an impact on your results.



3. Unrealistic Expectations


If it took months or even years to reach your current weight, you're not going to burn it all off in a few days. I often have people come to me and say they want to lose 30-40 pounds and give me a ridiculous time frame to reach their goals. Four weeks? I’m an excellent trainer, but not a miracle worker.

Start with smaller goals! You'll set yourself up for success, and prevent feelings of disappointment when your body can't live up to those unrealistic expectations.


"You can't rush something that you want to last forever."



4.  You Keep Thinking That You’re Fat


Positive self-image plays a major role in weight loss. People have strong emotional attachments to labels. Disconnect yourself from those words and actions!

Stop calling yourself "fat". This will not help you!

Start thinking of yourself as the kind of person you want to be. You are a work in progress; your view of yourself should not be holding you at square one.



5. You Don’t Have a Plan


You wouldn’t build a house without proper research and planning first.

Treat your body with the same attention! Don’t merely attempt to mimic an exercise you saw someone else perform.

Find ways to workout effectively in accordance with your goals.

Ask a CREDIBLE source, whether it be someone you know and trust, a reputable Internet website, or a fitness professional like me..



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